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Laminopathy: A genetic disease caused by a mutation(s) in the Lamin A/C (LMNA) gene that may lead to heart disease, muscle disease, neuropathy, poor growth, premature aging, or a number of other health problems. 

     This website has been developed to provide information to patients and families affected with genetic mutations in the Lamin A/C (LMNA) gene. These diseases, called laminopathies, can cause a multitude of symptoms affecting the heart, skeletal muscles, skeleton, nerves, body fat distribution, the aging process, and more.  Our experience is that many patients have questions about laminopathies and find it challenging to find clear information about these conditions. This website was developed to provide layperson-level information about laminopathies.

     The main focus of this website is on the known heart complications of the laminopathies. However, we also provide some information on the other complications of the laminopathies.